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If you’re looking for a new air conditioner installation in the Redcliffe area, then look no further. Wolfelec offers some of the best prices around and guarantees your satisfaction. Whether it’s a small or large job, Wolfelec is happy to ensure all our customers are fully satisfied with their service.
With over 10 years experience and many satisfied customers, there is nobody better to take care of your needs than Wolfelec – Air Conditioning Expert from Redcliffe 4020.

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Wolfelec Offers Redcliffe Air Conditioning fit for a Family Budget

All jobs at Wolfelec are performed by our own team directly. No contractors and no hidden fees in our prices. Our owner, Michael Wolfel grew up on the Redcliffe peninsula and is raising his own family in Kippa-Ring. Through his passion for the local community and families, he strives to deliver quality services at an affordable rate. You should be able to enjoy the Queensland summer without worrying about how you will sleep through the heat. If power bills are a concern you can ask Wolfelec about energy-efficient units or even solar power solutions so you can beat the heat and your electricity bills.

Air Conditioning

Michael, grew up here in the Redcliffe Peninsula and is passionate about providing the best prices on air conditioning.

General Electrical

Wolfelec is able to help you with any domestic or commercial electrical needs.

Short on Time and Want a Fast and Accurate Quote?

Submit an inquiry on this form and you can upload photographs of the room you want the installation to be done and the exterior areas of the room. This way you can be sure the quote you receive fully considers what the installation will require without wasting time you may not have on the phone. Likewise, if you require servicing or repairs, the form can be used to pass on essential information for services such as the existing unit’s brand and model number. This can greatly reduce the potential turnaround time for required parts.



“We were very happy with the service provided, Michael arrived when he said he would and was easy to communicate with, he was reasonably priced and he was very efficient. Have now found my electrician.”

- Michael Deacon


When it comes to Air Conditioning Redcliffe Trusts Wolfelec

Wolfelec fully believes their Redcliffe Air Conditioning prices are unbeatable and can back up this claim with great customer reviews on sites such as Google! For the latest reviews feel free to click here.

We take great pride in our excellent customer service and high satisfaction rates. We strive to always deliver clear and accurate quotes to every commercial and residential customer. Wolfelec believes in air conditioning services that won’t break your budget.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your air conditioning needs!

Air Conditioners Redcliffe at the Best Prices

Wolfelec offers Redcliffe residents some of Brisbane’s best AC installation prices alongside excellent customer service. The high satisfaction rates of customers across various services reflect this commitment to quality workmanship. Reach out today if you’re looking for an affordable solution to your summer temperature woes.

Air Conditioning Redcliffe QLD

Wolfelec Professional Technicians Supply and Install Your Air Conditioner

The technicians at Wolfelec are able to work with all major split system air conditioning brands including Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Samsung, and more.

If there is a particular brand name that interests you please feel free to pass on your request and a Staff member will be in touch with all the information you need. Our experts can supply and install domestic air conditioning systems on time and on budget. Call to make a booking today.

Get A Free Quote Today

Phone the qualified team at Wolfelec for a zero-obligation quote. Wolfelec is confident in the price of its services and is the most affordable option in North Brisbane. Their secret? They are a family-run business, with all jobs being completed directly by our in-house team. This means no new unscreened contractors quickly inflating prices.


Any quotes for air conditioning Redcliffe residents get elsewhere can be as much as 20% higher as a result of the margins that come from larger contractor-based companies. When Wolfelec says we deliver a consistent experience that our regular customers have come to expect, we mean it.

We put customers first and believe that the cost of escaping the summer heat or the coast winds in winter should not be a stressful decision.

Improve productivity with an Office Air Conditioning System

Wolfelec can deliver air conditioning services that can help keep your office cool and comfortable all year round. The experts at Wolfelec can provide solutions across air and solar to suit your business. With over 10 years experience in the industry in delivering Redcliffe air conditioning and electrical services, our team will ensure that your installation is perfectly executed and a cost-effective solution to Moreton Bay Summers! No matter the request Wolfelec can help you find a solution. Contact Wolfelec today by phone at 0499-634-356 or email at michael@wolfelec.com.au.

Other Services Include:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Different Types of Air Conditioners Are There?

There are different types and brands of air conditioning solutions with differing quality and costs associated. Wolfelec primarily focuses on delivering split air conditioning systems installed by a specialist in commercial and domestic buildings. Other types of air conditioners available on the market are:

Window Air Conditioners:

These are small systems that sit on the window sill of your home. They come with either horizontal or vertical-based vents which can be pushed up against any frame to suit. They typically use more power than a standard split system air conditioner.

Ducted Air Conditioning

These are larger units that can be installed in a variety of homes. Ducted air conditioning generally works better when factored into the property at the design stage rather than add to an already finished property. It’s important to think about where the duct vents are situated in a room to avoid lighting or ceiling fan interference.  If you have an inquiry regarding the maintenance or repairs of a ducted air conditioning system in Moreton Bay do not hesitate to call the qualified specialists at Wolfelec or submit a form and they will be glad to help with your inquiry.

Portable Air Conditioners

These come with wheels so they’re easy to move from one room to another. They tend not to have very long-running times. They drain moisture from their air and need to be drained of water when full. Portable air conditioners also lack the fan power a split air conditioning system can provide. Portable air conditioners are the most power-hungry of all air conditioner types. These are available at most Brisbane appliance stores and can be useful for rarely used rooms like guest bedrooms and can be packed away when required.

What is a Split Air Conditioning System?

The most popular type of air conditioning in Redcliffe is split systems. Split Systems are named so because the air conditioner is made up of two major parts: an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall and is what most people think of when they imagine an air conditioner. The outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser, fan and is, by all means, the powerhouse behind the air conditioner. Split system air conditioning is one of the most efficient ways to cool your home. 

What Air Conditioning System Should You Use?

Just because a unit has a good star rating doesn’t automatically make it the optimal fit. When considering the size of an air conditioning unit you need to consider the volume of air in the room as well as windows and roof insulation. this can be calculated by using apps like Panasonic size wizard. As an experienced air conditioning installation company, Wolfelec staff give competitive rates and all the information you could need to keep your system running smoothly. Please reach out if you are unsure as to what unit would suit the requirements of your residence. Choosing your unit carefully and strategically can help maximize coverage, reduce ongoing air conditioning service requirements and minimize ongoing electrical costs.

Do You Provide Any Veteran Discounts? (Yes We Do!)

Wolfelec proudly gives labor discounts to Australia’s veterans. Growing up in the Redcliffe area, the Wolfelec family is proud of the strong culture Redcliffe has of active and retired servicemen and women. These discounts also apply to service and repairs of air conditioners in Redcliffe that veterans may need. If you are looking for any other electrical servicing or work by the friendly and professional team at Wolfelec, give them a call. We strive to build our name by treating our existing and new customers right in a time where personalized service can be hard to find.

Do You Do Servicing and Repairs?

As a Queensland owned electrical company, Wolfelec loves to deliver value for money maintenance & repairs on all major brands by qualified technicians. If you need a quote on repairing your air conditioner, just fill out this contact form with the details of your home or office address, air conditioner model & brand (eg 2021 Fujitsu ASTG09LVCC) and one of the expert technicians at Wolfelec will get in touch right away.

How does an Air Conditioner work?

Airconditoners do not create cool or heat they simply move the heat form inside the home to outside or the other way around. They do this by compressing and expanding gasses inside a sealed system. Both the indoor and outdoor units have a fan and a coil, one will have gas expanding inside the coil and the other will have it contraction/presurising. The circulating gas then moves the heat from one side to the other. This intern heats or cool the room.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Wolfelec is based on the Redcliffe Peninsula but we deliver air conditioning solutions anywhere from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast & Caboolture. South-East Queensland is a constantly growing area with new development areas popping up. Feel free to call or email if you are unsure if we can travel to your address.

What Does Wolfelec Need?

In order to complete our work and get your house nice and cold, we will require any furniture to be moved aside and complete access to various areas such as the roof, walls, and exterior. We will leave all our jobs tidy and ready for you to relax when we are done. We can give you any advice when you book.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Wolfelec is fully qualified in AC  installation across a range of brands, electrical work, and solar power. We pride ourselves on being number one in our trade. Contact us today if you require any electrical help.

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Solar energy is the future and we are here to take you through the journey. Contact us and our solar installers today for a quote and get to be part of the Redcliffe Solar wave.


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