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Do you have issues with your lighting, air conditioning, or a power socket giving you troubles? Give North Lakes Electrical a call. Our electrical services are perfect for those small jobs as well as large commercial jobs and everything in between. We have been in business for over 5 years helping our fellow Australians enjoy power in their homes, business, and venues. And, we have over 10 years of experience including large scale commercial work. This kind of experience brings with it knowledge of the job as well as efficiency. Being efficient in what we do will ensure your prices remain competitive and jobs remain on time. And, we go beyond just electricity, offering to help set up complex surround systems and in home studios. Wherever you need a wire run for, we can help, even computer data cables and telephone lines for new offices you may be setting up.

Electrician in North Lakes

As a North Lakes Electrician, we work and live here. We know the area and the community, as well as the community, knows us. The majority of our work comes from the North Lakes area as well as the Mango Hill area and we have doubled in size with a growing client base. If you are a general contractor that needs a qualified electrical contractor in North Lakes, give us a call. We work with general building contractors as well as individuals and business owners. This allows us to ensure we stay up to date on all the coding needs for every industry.
We are the leading provider of Split System A/C Units and Eco-friendly A/C Steam cleaning services. North Lakes Electrical maintains a low overhead to ensure you get the best prices and excellent quality of services. Most people want to live a cleaner lifestyle than ever before. And a clean AC unit will certainly help with that. You would be surprised at how dusty and dirty an AC unit can get when it goes unclean. And, that’s why we started a cleaning service for your AC unit. If you have an AC unit that hasn’t been professionally cleaned in the North Lakes area, we can help. Cleaning an AC unit isn’t something the common homeowner should attempt as it can cause electrocution.

Electrical Services North Lakes

Most of the services we provide shouldn’t be attempted by a common business or homeowner. When electricity is involved it can become quite dangerous. There are also laws and regulations that we have to abide by to not only keep us safe on installation but to keep the occupants safe for years to come. Getting your electrical inspected and checked if you feel there is something wrong isn’t a bad idea. After all, electricity can be very dangerous in many ways and can cause fires. If you have a faulty switch, plug that isn’t acting correctly or any other obvious electrical issue, call today or schedule an appointment online. If you feel you have an electrical emergency, sparks are flying or zapping noises, please call to get our attention quickly for your matter at hands. We want to ensure the families and the community has safe electrical power to their homes and businesses.

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