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The Benefits of Using Solar

As the drive to cut down electrical costs while preserving the environment continues to strengthen, solar power has become a common solution. In Redcliffe Qld 4020, many residents are generating electric energy using solar power every year. But how exactly do solar panels and systems work, what are the benefits of solar power and how can we help you in Queensland and anywhere around Brisbane? We explore all these and more below.

Long Term Savings

An solar system can significantly reduce the costs of electrical bills and ultimately save more than the cost of installation within a few years.


Solar power is one of the most effective forms of renewable energy. Show your love for Redcliffe’s beautiful environment by using it to power your house.

Sell Back

Some electrical providers will offer a Feed-in Tarrif for those who are producing enough excess power to feed back into the grid.

Why Now Is The Best Time For Solar:

There is still so much to achieve using solar power as an alternative power source in Radcliffe, Queensland. If you are wondering whether it is the right choice to invest in solar panel energy systems, this is the time to make a move and ensure that you and your family’s future is guaranteed and free when it comes to electrical production.



“We were very happy with the service provided, Michael arrived when he said he would and was easy to communicate with, he was reasonably priced and he was very efficient. Have now found my electrician.”

- Michael Deacon


How Solar Power Works

Solar panels convert the light of the sun into electrical energy through solar panels/photovoltaic panels. A solar panel consists of many solar cells that are connected through parallel and series configuration.

The light from the sun is made up of photons-tiny packets of energy. There are several different layers on solar cells. These layers form junctions and respond to different wavelengths of light.

Normally, the electric voltage generated by a single cell generates a negligible amount of electricity that can barely be used. However, when several cells are connected, they can produce reasonable energy amounts that generate significant output. These solar cells form a solar panel and when solar panels are connected, they form modules which can produce sustainable energy for families after installation.

More Reasons You Should Be Using Solar Panels

There are benefits of solar energy in your Redcliffe Qld 4020 home and workplace

Significant Savings On Electricity

When you install solar electricity, there is an upfront expense that will usually pay itself in the long run. The initial installation price is a one-time thing that you will not pay for again. Further, sunlight is free, which means that your electricity costs will reduce significantly and you will save, right after installation in Radcliffe, anywhere else in Queensland. You will be able to save a significant amount of money by using solar and free yourself from any unnecessary bills and obligations in your home.

Sell Back To The Grid

You may find that your system is producing more electricity than you previously planned. In such a case, you may get the opportunity to sell the surplus back to the grid.


If you are environmentally conscious and you do not like the conventional methods of electrical energy production, a solar energy system is the right alternative for you. Solar is a renewable source of energy and using it for your electrical needs means that you are conserving the environment and not subjecting it to any stress by further depleting the dwindling non-renewable sources. Further, you will not be contributing to the carbon impact because you will not be producing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases to the environment. To demonstrate just how much positive impact you can make with solar panels for your electrical needs in Queensland, we use some figures:

Your home system saves an equivalent of approximately a tonne of carbon dioxide from being produced per year. Yet, a basic system in Brisbane, Queensland can last up to an average of 25 to 30 years. This means that over its lifetime, your solar system can prevent the production of between 25 to 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and at the same time saving you money on electricity bills.

What We Do

Wolfelac is an accredited Redcliffe solar installer company that provides quality service not only Redcliffe but also to the larger North Brisbane area. In our years of experience in the area, we have seen how solar energy changes lives, which is why, as one of the best solar installers, we continuously strive to help the residents of Redcliffe fulfill their power needs. Our team provides services including:

Installing solar systems. Our solar installers can help you with all your needs when it comes to installing solar structures in the Redcliffe area. You simply have to make a call and as installers, we will help you understand what products are available and how our team can assist you. Often, the best option when installing solar power is that which is efficient and cost-effective.
Solar power system repair and maintenance. We do more than just solar installation. If your solar power system is giving you problems, our installers will be there to help you fix them. If repair and maintenance are not possible, we can even replace the entire system. However, this is a remote possibility as many of these panels are optimally designed and will not give you problems. In most cases, a typical solar system will only need cleaning to ensure maximum exposure.

Why Choose Us?

If you are in the Redcliffe area, you have probably heard about our stellar reputation. Our solar installers work hand in hand with our customers to ensure the installation of an effective and well-laid solar panel system.

Throughout our time in Redcliffe, we have gathered the necessary experience we strive to ensure minimum impact on the environment while offering quality information and service to clients whenever they call on us.

Our solar panel installers are vetted and accredited to ensure that they understand fully all aspects of customer service, design, and installation. This makes us stand out from other companies who have only computer-operated service and cannot even give one-on-one expert advice. Our team will provide you with quality information on a wide array of issues including the local conditions and how it affects the production of energy once the panel is installed, the different brands of PV systems and solutions available for any problem, prices, and any other experts /professional advice you may need. therefore, if you make a request to work with us, you can be sure that the quotes you get will be worth it and our experts will use every resource in their power to ensure professional installations are done.

We also have a wide coverage/service area. Apart from our Redcliffe solar service, our able team of experts will be happy to install a solar system for you in the larger Brisbane and Queensland. We value your time and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Lastly, our costs(quote) for installation in Queensland, and surrounding Brisbane are friendly and we are eager to serve you to the best of our ability. When we agree on a time, we would be more than happy to oblige and will be there to serve you. As a Redcliffe solar energy company, we shall be there to ensure you get exactly what you need to help you throughout your future.

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